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0409 sej05 article
Search Engine Journal

Ann Smarty of MyBlogGuest Responds To Google Penalty - Search Engine Journal

Matt Cutts broke the news via Twitter early this morning that Google's webspam team had penalized a "large guest blog network." https://twitter.com/mattcut...

Image001 article
Search Engine Journal

Interview with Guest Blogger – Ann Smarty - Search Engine Journal

The SEO sphere always talks about modern ways of building quality links that are pointing back to the website. People use multiple techniques that help the...

Screen shot 2013 12 24 at 12.24.42 pm article
Search Engine Journal

How To Grow A Community, Tips For Community Managers: Interview With Ann Smarty - Search Engine Journal

As part of our SEJ interview series, Ann Smarty of Internet Marketing Ninjas joins us to share some advice on how to grow a community. Ann manages many lar...

5 tips to get retweeted more often 01 zpsff7751b7 article
Search Engine Journal

6 Tips to Get Retweeted More Often - Search Engine Journal

Maybe it is just me, but I find that getting a notification that someone has retweeted my content is really exciting. It could just be that I am glad that...

Title usability article
Search Engine Journal

How to Use Link TITLE Attribute Correctly - Search Engine Journal

Using link TITLE attributes has become more popular since the rise of such widely used scripts as WordPress, which by default duplicates the post title line...

Rss mixer article
Search Engine Journal

How to Track Your Reputation or a Keyword in Multiple Resources via One Unified Feed - Search Engine Journal

We have way too many resources to track today: thousands of blogs, social media networks, forums - somewhere someone may be talking about you and you may b...

Ebook marketing tools article
Search Engine Journal

9 Free Sites to Promote Your eBook - Search Engine Journal

If you are planning to become a self-published author, you have a couple of obstacles to overcome. The biggest is going to be eBook promotion, as gaining v...

Google real life 01 article
Search Engine Journal

Google in Real Life: Google Imitations & Installations - Search Engine Journal

For some time now it has seemed to me that Google IS the Internet, and once the Internet is my life, Google IS my life. Doesn't it also look scary when Goo...

Seoquake article
Search Engine Journal

How to Analyze the Internal Power of Your Website - Search Engine Journal

Obviously there are plenty of occasions where you would want to analyze your (or your competitor's) internal pages strength. Most often these include: you...

200 parameters article
Search Engine Journal

Let's Try to Find All 200 Parameters in Google Algorithm - Search Engine Journal

I am sure Googlers should be enjoying this: hardly can they say a word, there follows a wealth of guessed and speculations. This time Matt Cutts is said to...

Five second test article
Search Engine Journal

Check Your Site Usability With These Fun Tools - Search Engine Journal

Usability (as well as accessibility) is a too broad topic to be discussed in one post of course. Besides, I am no professional web designer or usability pr...

Sej square article
Search Engine Journal

Comprehensive Keyword Analysis: It Is Not All About Keyword Research Tools - Search Engine Journal

Keyword research is not (or shouldn't be) just about creating a list of keyword phrases a surfer uses when performing a search. Using just a few SEO tools...

Sej square article
Search Engine Journal

Selecting Your SEO Competition : Thinking Young - Search Engine Journal

Last week I wrote my first post here on SEO competitive research and promised to follow up on exploring your competitor's most effective techniques. But be...

H heading article
Search Engine Journal

SEO Checklist: Using Page Headings Correctly - Search Engine Journal

Some time ago I reviewed tools that help understand the page HTML semantic structure based on H1-H6 headings. While some webmasters question the overall ne...

Free tools to use hashtags smartly 05 zpsc77de324 article
Search Engine Journal

5 Free and Awesome Tools To Use #Hashtags Wisely - Search Engine Journal

Now hashtags are everywhere. You can use them for any number of things, but you always want to do so smartly. These hashtag tools will help you out...