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A Look Into Social Media Ad Targeting - The Epoch Times

The other day I was looking at vacuum cleaners. My old one has served me well in the last five years, but the cheap appliance just can’t handle the volume of grime that gathers in my child and pet filled …...

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Facebook Versus Twitter: What Do You Prefer? - The Epoch Times

Do you enjoy Facebook? Do you enjoy Twitter? Of course you do! They are the primary means of procrastination and biggest blows to productivity the world has ever seen. But they both have many applications, including professional, and that has …...

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Simply Put - How Google Plus Business Pages Work - The Epoch Times

You start by going to the Create A Business Page section and selecting what kind of page you want. There is a feature for Local Businesses and Places, Products or Brands, Companies, Institutions or Organizations, Arts, Entertainment or Sports and Other....

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Simply Put - How Pinterest Business Accounts Work - The Epoch Times

If you haven’t noticed, Pinterest is growing. In popularity, in size, in demand and in their policies. What started out as a really cool idea has rounded out into a niche social platform that for the first time is starting …...

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Facebook Versus Google Plus - The Epoch Times

There are plenty of debates about social networking programs. But none are quite so polarizing as those between Facebook and Google Plus users. Unlike other sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, people are far less likely to both have …...

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Simply Put - How Facebook Business Pages Work - The Epoch Times

Facebook is one social network that has always really aimed to be applicable for businesses. When it comes to marketing potential they managed to do things right. But when they moved into more direct forms of business engagement, such as …...

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5 Internet Marketing Events Not To Miss This Autumn - The Epoch Times

Every year the best and brightest in the marketing industry gather together at different conferences to discuss the latest trends in the market. Each year seems to be better than the last, with more prominent speakers, more tracks and new …...

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Image Marketing: Tips and Tricks - The Epoch Times

I could start this post with a cliche about a picture being worth a thousand words, but we already know the drill. Images have a huge impact on marketing as a whole, especially online where there are so many distractions …...

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Simply Put - How LinkedIn Company Pages Work - The Epoch Times

LinkedIn has proved over the years to be a unique and highly effective marketing tool. Originally aimed at high level executives as a means to connect to one another across the globe, it is now a networking program for people …...

Tech - The Epoch Times

By Ann Smarty | annsmarty. February 8, 2014. There are plenty of debates about social networking programs. But none are quite so polarizing as those between ......

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Daily Self-Improvement Exercises That Will Take You 5-10 Minutes

Take ten to fifteen minutes daily to improve yourself or your life. Here are ten self-improvement suggestions that you might find helpful....

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Get Distracted No More: Disable Automatic Alerts from Social Media

We have to overcome distractions from automatic alerts for the sake of our collective productivity, not to mention our general sanity and ability to relax....

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Comparison Shopping: The Ultimate Resource To Save Time and Money (Pre-Holiday Tip!)

Save time and money (especially when you need to get ready for the holiday shopping season: check out these four fantastic comparison shopping tools that allow you to save both time and money....

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5 WordPress Plugins for Increased Writing Productivity

The five Wordpress plugins you will love and you will see the greatest improvement to your blogging productivity as a consequence....

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The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Scheduling

Ann Smarty unveils a slew of tips, tricks, and tools with this ultimate social media guide....